Cheers! Salud! Prost! Salute! Santé! Skål!

Let's toast to your new membership! 

From here on out, I (Vanessa) will be narrating the emails you receive as we continue along this wine adventure together. I look forward to getting to know you and your palate! Hopefully we get to share a glass of wine (or two) together in the near future! 


On the first of every month, all wine/beer club members will receive a WBV e-newsletter that will include: 

  • An announcement of our monthly wine club theme

  • Details on our specific wine selections and a description of what makes them special

  • Details for when and where you can pick up your wine

Please review the WINE CLUB DETAILS for additional information.

My goal with wine club is to introduce you to new wines that may not have picked up on your own, but that you will LOVE. The majority of our featured wines are not available for sale in our area; however if you receive one you love and want more, send me and email and I can order more for you. In the near future, this process will be even easier as I am currently opening a new fine wine and craft beer bottle shop in downtown Anaconda. Subscribe to WBV below and/or follow along on social to receive updates. 


Have questions? Comments? Feedback? 

Email: winesbyv@gmail.com




Wondering, "What is your background in wine?" or "How did WBV come to exist?"... read on. 


Back in 2005 I was living and working in Argentina's wine country - Mendoza. I assisted with harvest in the vineyards, production in the winery, bottling on the bottling line, and I got to know every plot of unique soil in the region. I was fortunate to learn from the best and brightest in the industry! My hands-on experience, accompanied with book learning and formal wine education through various wine certification organizations, propelled my learning and my palate forward at a rapid rate.


I learned while living in Argentina for those two years, that I was not only fascinated by the world of wine, but I was also good at it. I knew I would eventually come back to the States, but I didn't want to stop having those personal learning experiences; and so my quest began. The goal was to create the perfect wine career that would allow me to continue traveling and working with wineries abroad, while being based in the U.S. 


I accepted a job working for a wine importer and began living the dream. That dream only progressed into a better dream, the longer I was in it.  I saw the bottom of many wine bottles. I jet-setted to wine country across the globe. I got to know the people, culture, languages, cuisines, climates, and agriculture of every wine-making region. And I learned. I learned a LOT! 


Somewhere along the way I met Joe (my now husband), and we eventually decided to leap into the next phase of life - babies. I realized that the 70% (amazing) travel schedule I maintained was not conducive to raising children and unfortunately my dream job had to go. I took a step back, and once again I began creating the perfect wine career that would fit my new life with kids. 


At this same moment, Joe and I decided we were ready to get back to a small mountain-town environment that resembled our own up-bringings. After much touring, job-hunting, and soul searching, we ended up in Anaconda, Montana. 




We pulled into Anaconda for a visit in 2016 and we have called it home ever since. I loved this community from the beginning, but I wished I had access to incredible wine. I wished everyone here had access to incredible wine. And I wished I had a community of other wine-lovers with whom I could share incredible wine. Hence the reason WINES by V was born.


Initially it was a wine club that solved the problem of minimal access to good wine in our region. With the support of many locals, it progressed into wine events, wine classes, consulting for other venues, tastings, and I am currently prepping to launch my first bottle shop that will feature both fine wine and craft beer! 


It has been a fun ride and I can't wait to see what is next to come. I am exceptionally passionate about helping people learn their own palate; and it brings me great pride to contribute to the well-being of our great little mountain-town.


There are many more glasses of wine to be had, and I look forward to sharing one with you in the near future!  Thanks again for joining in on the fun!



Visit the "ABOUT V" page for additional information.