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The Bighorn - your questions, answered!

Question: When will you be open?

Answer: Friday, November 25 for the Anaconda Christmas Stroll!! Doors open at 4pm!

Question: Will you have product on the shelves?

Answer: Yes!! We received our state license and location transfer just in time! Our shelves will be fully stocked!!

Question: Will the bar be open?

Answer: We will be giving free samples of wine and beer to guests but the bar will not be fully open until we have time in the space to prepare and train our staff.

Question: What will your business hours be following the Stroll?

Answer: Tuesday - Saturday from 10am - 6pm.

Question: When do you anticipate the bar will open?

Answer: Mid-December, once our team has had time to train in the new space.

Question: What will your schedule be once the bar opens?

Answer: Click on the below schedule to enlarge details.

Question: What all are you selling and serving?

Answer: Fine wine. Craft beer. Small bites.

Question: Small bites? You'll be serving food?

Answer: Yes. We will offer very limited but very high quality food options.

Question: How many styles of wine and beer will you have?

Answer: There will be over 100 different styles of fine wine that range in cost from $12 - $212. There will be over 100 different styles of craft beer and import beer.

Question: Did I read "brunch"?

Answer: Yes. We are very excited about our once-a-month (eventual) brunch. We will offer limited but quality food options for brunch, and during our regular business hours.

Question: How does wine club work?

Answer: Choose between Cru Club ($35 monthly) or Grand Cru Club ($50 monthly) In each club, members receive 2 bottles of wine a month. Members also receive an e-newsletter with education surrounding the monthly wine picks, an invitation to the monthly wine club pick up party, a 10% discount on all in-store purchases, and more!.

Question: How do I join wine club?

Answer: Sign up here

Question: How do I join beer club?

Answer: For the time being, we are putting a hold on beer club and instead placing a massive variety of amazing product on the beer shelves so that everyone can come in and shop their specific preferences!

Question: Will you be hosting educational wine and beer classes?

Answer: Yes! Stay tuned for more details.

Question: Am I able to host a private event at The Bighorn?

Answer: Yes, guests will be able to do so on specific nights that are organized in advance. Email to discuss details.

Question: What should we expect from The Bighorn?


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