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Wine Club Gift

Wine Club Gift


Share the gift of wine and community.


  • Choose between Cru Club ($35 a month) or Grand Cru Club ($50 a month). In both clubs, members receive 2 bottles of wine a month that equate to the value of the monthly payment. 
  • Select the number of months of wine club you would like to gift in the quantity field.
  • When gifting wine club, all months you'd like to gift must be purchased in advance.
  • After you check out, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Notify your Giftee of your purchase and direct them to our website where they can find details on how wine club works.


Did you supply The Bighorn with the email of the Giftee? If so, they will receive an email newsletter from us on the first of every month telling them about the wine club theme, the monthly selections, and details on how they can pick up their goodies.


If you did not supply The Bighorn with the Giftee's email, we have no way to contact them and it is your responsibility to tell them when and how they can pick up their wine.


The second Thursday of every month we have a pick up party from 4pm - 9pm with all wine club members at The Bighorn.  At the pick up party, members will be able to:

  • Enjoy a free sample of 2 to 4 of the featured wine club wines.

  • Mingle with other wine clubbers. 

  • Take their club wines with them on the way out the door. 

  • Purchase and enjoy other beverages at the 10% club discounted rate. 

If members can't make the pick up party they can pick up their wine during any regular business hours after the date of the party. We will have the Giftee's wine ready for them anytime they stop in and we look forward to welcoming them into our club and wine-loving community.


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