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We're Hiring!

Anaconda’s future bottle shop and wine bar (the name of which will be announced soon) is starting to interview for two or three part-time employees! Seeking those who have a passion for wine & beer; who can balance fun and professionalism, and who have the ability to turn strangers into friends. 

The anticipated opening of the bottle shop is mid-summer; however, once employees are selected, wine education will begin with V to ensure staff has a solid knowledge base before the Grand Opening! 


Upon opening there will be a consistent, weekly schedule for retail store hours; and pre-scheduled events and tastings that will be limited to a few evenings a month. (Those will increase over time) The three initial employees:

  • Must be able to work 10 - 25 hours a week.

  • This includes regularly scheduled day-time hours, and evening events that will be planned and coordinated in advance. 

  • Must be willing to work one to two Saturdays a month.

  • Hours, responsibilities, and pay will increase over time for the right person(s).

  • There is potential for this to progress to full-time employment for the right person(s). 

Pay & Benefits

  • Hourly Wage - dependent upon experience 

  • Tips will only be made during events. The number of events hosted will be limited on day one, but will rapidly increase over time.

  • Free wine club membership - two free bottles of wine per month

  • Free wine and beer education by V which includes tasting through product on a regular basis to better understand it.

  • In store employee discount

  • Reimbursement for obtaining a Montana alcohol server permit

  • Have fun while at work. 


  • Welcome and engage with customers as they enter the store

  • Work with cash register/process payments

  • Answer and assist customers on the phone 

  • Assist in fulfilling phone and online orders

  • Make suggestions based on customer tastes and preferences

  • Build a rapport with regular customers

  • Assist wine club members with wine pick up, and wine pick up parties 

  • Clean and restock the store 

  • Enter new product into the POS system

  • Participate in tastings and wine/beer education with V

  • Assist in the planning, set up, and execution of events

  • Safe and legal service of alcohol - pour wine/beer at events, flight nights, educational tastings, private parties, etc.. 

  • Those with certain skill sets may be asked to take on more responsibilities as time progresses: assisting in writing wine notes, ordering, social media, marketing, etc...


Wine & Beer Knowledge

  • Advanced wine/beer knowledge is preferred, but not required.

  • Experience in the F&B industry is preferred, but not required. 

  • Must have a willingness and desire to improve one's palate and wine/beer knowledge.

  • Must be willing and able to participate in ongoing tastings with V, wine/beer education with V, and conversations with the team surrounding the store product, to ensure you are able to provide ideal recommendations based on customer requests and preferences.

  • Must always remain humble about your wine/beer knowledge. The more you know, the more you realize you don't know.


Life & People Skills

  • Must have the ability to turn strangers into friends.

  • Excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills with coworkers and guests

  • Be solutions-oriented. If you identify something that is not working, provide constructive feedback and a solution.

  • Have a glass-half-full outlook on work and life 

  • If you're not early you're late. 

  • Take pride in your work. 

  • Never stop learning. 

  • Be dependable. 

  • Bring all the positive energy.


Day to Day 

  • Must be 21+ years of age

  • Must be able to lift 30 pounds. Employees will move a lot of wine and beer boxes!

  • Be able to use a cash register and computer

  • Be able to do basic math.

  • Comfortable with social media and other marketing/advertising mediums.

  • Comfortable with technology. All scheduling and responsibilities will be shared electronically.

  • Must be willing to receive the Montana alcohol server permit (which is very straight-forward and will be paid for by the bottle shop).

Submit an Application!

If the above job description is of interest to you, submit an application. Email and be sure to include your resume and three references. If you have certain stipulations regarding availability, please mention that in your email. (Seasonality, start date, etc..) Interviews will begin in April. Those that are hired will be able help with the set up of the bottle shop leading up to the Grand Opening, and will be a part of bringing this great business to our Anaconda community! 

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