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New Year's Resolution - Drink New Wine

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

There are over 10,000 varieties of wine growing grapes in the world; and yet the average person can only name 10 and will only order 4 of those wines.  Wild, isn't it? 

There is a phenomenon that occurs in the world of wine that looks something like this: Suzy (our randomly named victim), sits down in a restaurant and prepares to order a glass of wine. The waiter walks up and asks what she would like to drink. Without even looking at the menu, Suzy responds, "I will take your cab." .... Or, sometimes, she does look at the menu. In which case she scans the list until she sees something she recognizes. Suzy spots a cab, doesn't look at the rest of the menu and responds, "I will take your cab." 

A cabernet sauvignon, is one of Suzy's 4 wines that she drinks.  Along with a malbec, a zinfandel, and a chardonnay. That is excellent that she knows that she likes those 4 grapes, but isn't it wild that there are 9,996 grapes in the world she isn't ever going to try? 

What if that wine menu she looked at would have listed a Priorat, a Chenin Blanc, or a Bonarda? Would the outcome of her order been any different? For Suzy, and the average wine drinker, the answer is no. 

My goal with WINES by V is for my club members to have a different outcome. To look at the menu, ask questions about the unknown, try something new, discover new grapes, and drink wine you love.  In the new year, I look forward to introducing you to new wines!

Happy New Year and I look forward to sharing a glass with you in the near future!

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