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The Future Bottle Shop Building!

If you are new around here, you may not already be aware that I have been in the process of opening a bottle shop in Anaconda, Montana for 1.5 years now. If you are not new around here, you've likely witnessed my plans get perpetually delayed due to unforeseeable glitches that we will simply blame on the COVID pandemic.

I have great news. Joe and I have FINALLY closed on the building where the future bottle shop will reside, and it is not the Wind's Bakery space. Within the last month we closed on the building that was (once upon a time) Uncle John's bar on Main Street.

This space is going to have a wow-factor. It is in an ideal location, it has beautiful interior charm, and it has good bones that will allow us to renovate the space into something amazing. At the moment it is in need of a gut job, and the front facade needs to be completed ripped off and redone.

The photos above give you a glimpse into how building looks now. Join me on a tour of the space in this brief video. These photos below are my inspiration for what we hope to create.

Needless to say, we are not going to be open next month; but we will be open within the next year and I can't wait to share it with you all. Here are a few answers to the questions I receive the most frequently:

Q: Where will the bottle shop be?

A: 114 Main St. The old Uncle John's bar on Main st. in Anaconda.

Q: Aren't there two sides of that building?

A: Yes. There are two store fronts. One side will be the bottle shop (114 Main st), the other will be available for lease (116 Main st). As we finish the building, we are going to rough it in so that it could be a restaurant space. Donovan's is currently the only restaurant right in our downtown that offers dinner-service and if someone had ambitions to open a restaurant, this place would be perfect to do so. It will be in an ideal location, have amazing curb appeal with big windows, and there is room for a back patio. If you or anyone you know has an interest in leasing a space in downtown Anaconda, please email As we begin work on the building, we could potentially build it to suit any business.

Q: Will the bottle shop be called WINES by V?

A: Nope. Name reveal coming soon!

Q: Will you serve wine and beer?

A: I would LOVE to create a wine bar and offer wine flights, tastings and education; but right now I am unable to do so due to alcohol license availability. For now, my space will be set up as a fine wine and craft beer retail space. That being said, if you know of anyone in town who may be willing to sell their alcohol license that allows them to serve beverages, PLEASE send them my way. Licenses are limited and I would love to chat with them about it!

Q: Will all wine and beer clubs run out of your new building?

A: Yes!

Q: Will you be able to ship?

A: Yes. I have not widely promoted this yet, but WBV is able to ship now! To keep things simple while I am working to build the bottle shop, I am currently only offering curated packages that can be shipped in either 6 or 12 bottle bundles. I can ship to all states except for Mississippi and Utah, to customers 21 and older. The 6 bottle bundle is $175 with shipping included. The 12 bottle bundle is $275 with shipping included. Email and I can send you more details!

Q: Will you be hiring?

A: Yes! If you have an interest in potentially working at the future bottle shop, please send your resumes to

Q: Is wine and beer knowledge required to work at the bottle shop?

A: No. Having employees with wine and beer education would be ideal; however that is a rare quality in our community. I will be doing extensive education with my staff to ensure they are knowledgeable, and as a team we will all taste every single bottle that ever hits the shelves to ensure we know what we are selling and can match the product to the palate preference of our guests. What is required for all future employees is reliability, excellent communication, a non-pretentious approach to wine, punctuality, and having the ability to turn strangers into friends.

Last but not least, I wanted to share one other bit of exciting news. Some of you may recognize the man in the photo below. This is Topper of Topper's Cellar in Helena. He has owned and operated the go-to fine wine and craft beer bottle shop in Helena for the past 47 years! (47 years! That is not a typo). His timeline for retirement coincidentally coincided with my timeline for opening a bottle shop and he reached out to tell me that he would love to see his wine racks grace the stores of a new fine wine bottle shop that is focused on quality production and education.

I feel honored to say that his gorgeous wooden racks that he hand-made all of those years ago, are going to be be used in my future space. From one generation of wine lover to the next, I can't thank him enough and I look forward to having Topper as a guest when my bottle shop is open for business.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support! Visit to sign up to join wine club or beer club today and stay tuned for more updates!


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