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A New Bottle Shop

We've seen some speed bumps in 2020 to say the least, but I'm here to share some great news. Your local wine (and beer) shopping is about to get a LOT easier!  WBV has plans to open a fine wine and craft beer bottle shop in the very near future!

Many of you have already heard tidbits about this exciting plan I've been working on, and I've received a lot of questions. To provide answers I thought I would outline the bottle shop to-do list and timeline.   We (my husband and I) are very excited for this new venture and to further contribute to the well-being of our great little mountain town.  I will be sharing updates along the way and I am 100% open to any feedback, requests and high fives. Please feel free to share this big news so we can spread the word. 

We hope to open our doors before the holiday season.  It is an ambitious goal given that there is so much that is out of our hands (hello banks and contractors), but we have our eyes on the prize.  Be sure you are following us on social media to get all of the updates!  Stay tuned and cheers to great wine, great beer, and building a great community!  ~ V

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