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WBV Gives Back: $300 and Volunteer Work for the Continental Divide Trail

There are many exciting developments occurring in Anaconda right now. Every month, I seem to hear about a new business starting up, or I meet another wonderful family that has moved to town. In small communities like ours, every one of those instances is important; and when all of the stars align with the right person, the right project, and the right time, the resulting impact can be monumental.

I recently heard about a project that fits that description and I am very excited to support. This year, WBV is giving a $300 year end donation to the efforts of the Continental Divide Trail Coalition (CDTC). More specifically those dollars will be used toward the Field Training Program they plan to host for Trail Adopters in Anaconda in 2021.

Photo by Kathy York. Courtesy of CDTC.

If you aren't already aware, the Continental Divide Trail is a landmark trail that spans 3,100 miles and is considered one of the greatest long-distance trails in the world. Every year approximately 150 people attempt to thru-hike the entire CDT (from Southern New Mexico to Northern Montana) in one hiking season; and on a more ongoing basis, the trail provides a variety of recreational activities to hundreds of thousands of people each year.

The CDT runs RIGHT through our Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness; and because Anaconda has been deemed a "Gateway Community" to the CDT, the thru-hikers stop into our town along their exciting journey. Over the summer months they breathe youth, passion, and ambition into our downtown streets; and they spend money at our local businesses. They are here because we are a Gateway Community. And as a Gateway Community, it is our responsibility to give back by assisting with trail maintenance.

There are 7 sections of the CDT open for adoption in our region. Those 7 sections total 29 miles of trail between Pintler Pass and Goat Flat. Each stunning portion of the trail represents everything we love about the outdoorsy life we live here. And each stunning portion needs attention.

The CDTC, along with the Anaconda Trail Society, and Steve Hill (Board member for ALDC and Owner/Operator of the new Pintler's Portal Hostel that will open for business in 2021), have been working to establish a process to understand the needs of each section, and prioritize which needs the most immediate attention. With the number of volunteers that have stepped forward thus far, the goal is to clean one segment of the trail per year. If additional volunteers step up, more segments will be considered; but volunteers will never be over-extended.

Along with my $300 donation, I will also be volunteering to help! The beauty of being a volunteer at this stage, is that every section is being tackled as a team. Volunteers do not have to make a commitment to adopt their own section of the trail right now. The more immediate goal is to find local outdoors(wo)men who are interested in being involved, have them participate in the Field Training Program the CDTC will be hosting; and as a group, join in the efforts of cleaning up one specific segment.

The Training Program (that the WBV dollars will be used toward) will include both classroom and field training and will cover everything pertaining to trail maintenance to ensure we are equipped with the tools we need to be successful volunteers. Join me!

Trail adoption/volunteers efforts are being jointly organized by the CDTC, Steve Hill, and the Anaconda Trail Society. Big thanks to everyone who has been involved in getting us to this exciting place!

To join V in volunteering, or for answers to additional questions, please reach out to Steve Hill at 406-563-4555.


Thank you for everyone who continues to support WINES by V. It is your support that enables WBV to give back. Read about prior WBV year end donations at the links below.

Have a wonderful holiday season and I hope to see you all, healthy and happy, in the new year!

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