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WBV Donates $500 to Local Nonprofit

In October, WINES by V pledged to donate $500 to a local charity, nonprofit, or worthy cause before year end.

Thank you to the numerous people who reached out to share an organization that is doing good in our community. It thrills me to learn about the many ventures taking place, and the big hearts behind them. We are truly fortunate to live in an area surrounded by beautiful nature and genuine people.

After much consideration, I have decided to give the $500 donation to the Anaconda Local Development Corporation.

The more I learn about the ALDC, the more impressed I am at the impact they have on our community; and I think that more people need to know what they do for us!

All of their work is completed as a independently financed non-profit. Zero of our tax dollars go to the ALDC, yet the output they produce is out of this world. The best way I can think of putting their impact into words, is by summarizing a few of their 2019 accomplishments. In 2019 the ALDC:

... brought in new business!

They've also initiated conversations with 4 new businesses (that will employee 2-30 people) that are anticipated to open their doors in 2020.

... supported local businesses!

They wrote and were awarded a $28,000 technical assistance grant to assist Smelter City Brewery in increasing their production. They closed out a $82,500 BSTF worker training grant with International Truck Body. They attained $750 incumbent worker training funds that went to local restaurants for food safety training.

... beautified our community!

Do you love all of those trees in Anaconda? You have the ALDC to thank for those as they have received ongoing DNRC awards that have allowed them to plant over 3,000 trees in Anaconda, with plans for more! The ALDC also partnered with ACF and ATS to administer and write a $22,000 RTP award to permit, redesign and install the beginnings of the new Washoe Park trail network.

... assisted in revitalizing old neighborhoods with plans for constructing new homes!

The ALDC is now the administrator of the Deer Lodge County's Neighborhood Stabilization Program funds dedicated to these efforts. They've also written and secured $82,214 match for planning grants that allow them to complete a Comprehensive Housing Study, a Montana Hotel Project, a trail mapping project, and a Historical Preservation Plan.

... assisted in revitalizing our downtown!

They established a TIF board which leveraged $140,550 that assisted in completing over a quarter million dollars in downtown building and improvement projects in 2019.

... contributed to our charming community culture!

Surely you've noticed the painted pianos downtown? Or maybe the new parklet placed outside of Thrifty Drug? Have you seen the ally lights? Or the improved historical signs? Were you able to participate in the Smeltermens Day Celebrations? All of these additions (and more) were brought to Anaconda by the ALDC.

If you didn't catch me mentioning it before, I will say again, that they do all of this with zero tax dollars. They are a non-profit built off of their love for and dedication to our community.

I can't even imagine the list of things they have accomplished or are working on that I am not familiar with; but regardless, I am thrilled to donate $500 to any one of the efforts mentioned above and I am confident that my contribution will be placed in capable and worthy hands.

Thank you ALDC for working so hard to improve upon our already wonderful community and I look forward to seeing what will happen in 2020!

Happy New Year everyone!

~ V

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