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Donating Locally: Wine with a Cause

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Letter from V:

As I was starting my wine consulting business this year, I was determined to find a way to connect my passion for helping others learn about wine, with my passion for helping others at large. Volunteerism has always been an important motivator in my life and I have recently decided to make a public commitment to establishing WINES by V as a socially-conscious business. The more success I have as a business, the more I can connect with our community in need, and the bigger the difference I can make.

In March of this year WBV hosted its first charitable event where 100% of proceeds were donated to a local non-profit. Giving makes the business more enjoyable, and WINES by V plans to do more of it.

Before year-end, WINES by V will be donating $500 to a charity, nonprofit, or worthy cause in either Anaconda-Deer Lodge County, or Butte-Silver Bow County. Donation opportunities may extend outside of these counties in the future; but thus far the success of WINES by V has been due to the support of those locally. When our community thrives, we all thrive; and therefore, I want to give back to you!

If you wish to submit a cause for consideration, you must complete this Donation Nomination Form. Nominations are open now through November 22. Submissions will be reviewed and the donation recipient will be selected and announced before year end.

I know that supplying good wine to people makes the world a better place; but I hope to do even more with the addition of this charitable giving.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing about all of the amazing efforts being made in our local communities.


WINES by V offers boutique wine clubs in Anaconda, Montana through The Copper Crown; and in Butte, Montana through Park 217. In addition to wine club, WBV hosts events nationally (corporate, private, and public), and offers consulting services to those seeking assistance. Vanessa (aka "V") has extensive knowledge and experience in the wine world. Her mission is to share the fine wines of the world with the fine people of the west, all while doing her part to contribute to the betterment of her community.


Vanessa Romero

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